If It is for me I am not here

 19 of March


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An Argentine artist who has been living in Europe for 37 years, Bursztyn reflects in this work on his condition as a migrant artist. Bursztyn’s artistic career has taken him to countries such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Israel, Canada and Buenos Aires, putting on shows and performing arts, in several cases his own shows. Trained with artists of the stature of Philippe Gaulier, Ariane Mnouchkine, Theatre de Complicite, Eugenio Barba among others.



He has collaborated with legendary companies such as the Jordcircus of Stockholm, the Kronoberg Stadsteatern, I Baccalà, and has been invited to international theater festivals such as the FIT of the Swiss city of Lugano or the city of Arzo. “If it’s for me I’m not” in a certain way gives account of this journey taking the artist’s own experience to a reflection on bodies and virtuality. At a time when technology and virtuality seem to erase distances, the work reflects on the marks that the virtual leaves on the body. While art has no nationality, the artist does. In this case Bursztyn wonders about the nationality of the artist: the one in which his work circulates, the one in which he resides, that is, the one that houses a body in his territory, can that body be virtual, and if so, can we speak of a body?
“Si es para mí no estoy” arises on the basis of a collaboration between the Kodachrome Theater Zurich of which he is founder and artistic director and the cycle “Migrations” organized by the cultural center Matienzo (Buenos Aires) held in Buenos Aires in May 2019.